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PMS Siemens (Power Management System) – Simplifed installation, a wide range of measuring devices, and easy to-use software: the system from the SENTRON portfolio is optimally suited for small and medium-sized businesses in industry and infrastructure.


PMS – Electrical power distribution integrated, safe and efficient

The increasing level of automation in buildings and industry introduces novel requirements for electrical power distribution and make the underlying technologies ever more complex. Our components and systems are perfect for integration into networked environments and significantly increasing the efficiency of your business processes: communication-capable, flexible and failsafe devices combine with digital engineering to enable optimized solutions – for any application.

Advantages of our power management system

Advantages of our power monitoring system (PMS)
Advantages of our power monitoring system (PMS)


A systematic approach to energy efficiency

The ISO 50001 standard supports companies with a specific process description for introducing a corporate power management system (PMS). Standard-compliant energy management optimizes energy utilization, while continuously enhancing energy efficiency.

Defining energy policy objectives

A central management task is the formulation of an in-house energy policy. It defines relevant strategic and operational objectives. Ongoing planning will include the identification of additional optimization potential for the business areas under scrutiny, and the development of relevant improvement measures.

Introducing process optimization

As a first step, an PMS must be identified and nominated. He will then evaluate captured data, and derive and implement appropriate optimization measures. He will report the achieved results to corporate management.

Making energy flows transparent

As a second step, basic energy consumption and cost data, as well as information on in-house energy production, must be collected and documented clearly and verifiably. This requires the development of a reliable and precise system for the capture and analysis of consumption data. The objective is to recognize sustainable savings potential, to derive appropriate measures for that potential, and to implement these measures systematically.

Periodic controlling

Periodic checks will ensure that your PMS functions correctly, and that objectives are reached. Corrective and preventative measures can then be implemented as needed.

Responsible use of valuable energy resources Global climate change, scarce energy resources and the increasing demand for energy mean that there is an urgent need for action. The industrialized nations have therefore committed to continuously reduce their annual C02 emissions by 2020. The European Council has set a target of improving energy efficiency by 20 percent by 2020. ln Germany, the aim is to reduce energy consumption compared with 2008 by 10 percent by 2020, and by 25 percent by 2050.

The international standard ISO 50001 specifies the basic conditions for establishing a corporate energy management system for improved energy efficiency and sustained reduction in a company’s energy consumption. Our TÜV certified PMS from the SENTRON portfolio provides the technical foundation for this. It enables energy flows to be recorded, visualized and analyzed to derive specific measures for optimizing energy use.

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PMS - ISO 50001
PMS – ISO 50001



  • Monitoring emergency power system
  • Measuring electric power of clinics and treatment
  • Warning of critical conditions …


  • Allocating energy costs
  • Tracking devices consuming electricity
  • Monitoring the critical value, avoid peak load…

Data center

  • Monitoring main and backup power systems
  • Allocating energy costs
  • Monitoring power system …

Apartment – Office Building

  • Allocate energy costs to individual departments
  • Measure energy to each household
  • Monitoring power system …


  • All factories of the Coporation will be monitored energy at the executive board located at the central office of the corporation
PMS Siemens
PMS Siemens

Solutions for the future

We support you throughout the entire value chain with our end-to-end portfolio, from the planning stages right through to the operation, as well as when it comes to measures for modernizing and expanding your electrical energy distribution systems. Our tested and certified components, systems and software packages allow for ever-suitable and efficient solutions in both centralized and distributed power systems the world over and can be perfectly integrated into building automation and industrial automation applications.

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